Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan Telah Tiba...

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan telah tiba..
Sampaikan syukur-ku sejatinya hanya kepadaMu Yaa Rabb..
Shalawat dan Salam atas Baginda Rasulullah SAW..
Salam terukir jua atas sahabat Rasulullah, sanak keluarga dan juga seluruh umat Muslim di dunia...

Bulan suci yang amat dirindukan...
Bulan ampunan dan penuh berkah...
Bulan yang didalamnya Allah limpahkan kebaikan dan segenap rahmat..

Mari kita sambut bulan Ramadhan dengan mempersiapkan:
1. Ilmu tentang Ramadhan untuk kita terapkan sebagai target Ramadhan kita tahun ini
2. Keimanan, ketaqwaan dan keihklasan
3. Kesehatan jasmani dan rohani, agar puasa kita lebih sempurna
4. Harta, untuk lebih banyak bersedekah

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa (^____^)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New COOP ˆ⌣ˆ


Hi my beloved reader, After in a long time, i'm not writing my blog,in this time I return to tell  my story which is now undergoing a new activity other than working on my thesis. Yaap, one of my dream  that I wrote on my phonecell, that is to join in this program.

God has set our own destiny, what we've had now been arranged in Lawh Mahfouz, initially, i was not too interested in joining the program, since as I've had similiar activity exactly one year ago in the city of nickel, Sorowako. However, time and destiny says another. Me, and some friends, on heraing the announcement recruitning coop program conducted by PT.Telekomunikasi Indonesia from our head of department and then enroll. Fad, at the time there were seven student required, and in the list, the seventh name is needed already exists. at the time, I was resigned to it. Participate or not participate is not a problem for me. because after all, i've had experience working in the mining company for 5 months 2 weeks last year. But, what neverthless , my partner of my thesis then forced to register us through the head of our department, electrical engineering.And was also, Mr. Andani (head of department) didn't not allowing me to participate in this program with a similiar reasons. 

and another, my unhappiness that makes me then hesitate to follow this program is my thesis is not finishe yet :'( 

Hence from our department, were 9 registered names are then submitted to the rector for giventhe user name along with passwords each other. two of us have to fall first because the ID is given just for seven only. And suprisingly again, my name is still there in the list.  hm.. (-_-")

actually the most excited to follow this program is my partner Ulfa, because she was the only one who made me take care of all paperwork and also all the requirements, we also helped by Ainun and Uti. The four of us are very compact, so that was a time when our names on the list of candidates for the coop that will follow the next step of test.

And June 24th, 2012, Hence it just me, Ainun and Ulfa were ready to take the test later, unfortunately at that time, Uti was ill and couldn't  follow the next step. That day, we followed a number of test, ranging from a written test, group discussion forum, and interviews. 

Honestly, at the evening, I was half-hearted to take it, but after meeting with Mr. Suwandi, my thoughts and feelings become enlightened. How incredible he is (^__^)

I introduced, Mr. Suwandi is the coordinator for our generation COOP TELKOM, he said, he had just elected a month ago. He is a lecturer in IT TELKOM Bandung. That makes me so amazed by this man is the way he used his argument, he is not Uztadz, nor a motivator, but he didn't lose with Mr. Mario Teguh. Mr. Suwandi,  a Muslim who faced oriental, he has been married 25 years ago, married with a woman with a hearing loss and have beautiful childrens. He told us a lot about himself because at that time he coordinated our group discussion . Honestly, I'm always amazed at the figure of him that from the beginning has managed to changed our mindset for the better,of course. He always relate every secondof our lifes with confidence and faith in Allah SWT, just wonder, once again I say, he is not uztadz. He was just a reguler lecturer in the basic physics of IT Telkom Bandung. In our FGD proccess, I was caught that he also thaught us nationalism and loyalti to the state, nation, and our religion. And he was the only interviewer i have ever met with his first question: 

"When will you get merried?" 

Extraordinary ! ('_')(._.)('_')(._.)

And thre is one of the most beautiful sentence I remember from him, "There's always a pearl in the middle of Mud" (Please, intreprate this statement by yourself and your mind each other) in my opinion, this sentence has a meaning that was so incredible. And I Strongly agree with that, I experienced it by myself. 
That figure of him, who was so memorable for anyone who ever  met him and interacted with him. And I'm always happy when I have to tell the people that are so memorable in my life. 

And that day, I also met new friends from department of management and accounting. Here we are...

((Left-Right) Andis, Jule, Isti, Ulfa, Mr.Suwandi, Mrs. Ayu, Awa, Dahlia, Dewi, Tiwi, Ainun and photograph by Muhlis)
Well now, thanks God, I was working here. Yap, back to work as a coop, not in the mining companies with allowance that until my coop program already enden was not enough to make it sama. heheh...

Here we are, NETRE KTI (Network Regional, Kawasan Timur Indonesia)

Now, I'm working at company that really "engaged" with my passion "Telecommunication Engineering", namely PT.Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. and initially placed in Telkom Arnet Balaikota Makassar, but transfered at TELKOM NETRE KTI (Network Regional, Kawasan Timur Indonesia) that is located at Jl. AP Pettarani Makassar in front Of Clarion Hotel, and what i do here, a little different from my previous coop assignment, Mr. Irwan as a Manager here, has assigned us to implement our final project at the Telkom office and all of which will be borne by Telkom. What "AMAZING" assignment! Really, I don't know shoul d be happy or sad to hear that , but that's the secret of Allah for us (Ainun and Ulfa, also) again and again God had written the "UNPREDICTABLE" scenario of my life.

In addition, all of us are guided by three different supervisor. Ulfa and me are guided by Pak Asrul (Ulfa call him, KK Asrul) and Pak Dodik, and Ainun (without accompanying her partner "Mimin") led by Pak Asep and Pak Edi (Next time I'll write about them).

And here we are,

that's our activity in my room 

Take a pict before "Tarhib Ramadhan" In front of Tower 
With work space located on the second floor in a small meeting room, So, that time if this room was needed, we had to move on into SMK3 room :')

This is our room ^_^
we usually pray at the back right side of our room while musholla is in renovation proccess
During three months up to October later, I changed the routine, every morning about 15 minutes before 7 am, I leaved my house and waited Ainun in Tello then move on to te office. Lunch at the different place everyday (hehe, just want to enjoy the "LEZIZ" culinary makassar before Ramadhan comes) and back to home with Ainun by motorcycle until Tello and continue my trip with PETE-PETE and OJEK to get home when the sky look dark. Ulfa? she always came home with her boyfriend, kak Nono ^__^ 

That's all. 

Actually there is a lot of story I want to tell to you all, but for the beginning, this is enough, God willing, I will continue the second story, about my mentor and also my experience so far. still a long way for me, take it easy (^___^)

See you at the next story ! :)

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