Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cellular Network Planning [Biringkanayya-Tamalanrea Makassar]


Communication system with a growing number of people who want to ensuring relationship of continuity of telecommunication, is not limited when the users stay on their place or mobile. So that, for the birth of mobile communication in which users are no longer limited by the communication space is a good solution to ensure continuity of communication links that are currently very important.
Each cellular mobile communication network requires planning cell in order to be able to meet the needs of the cell coverage is shown by the number of base stations, where cultivated to a minimum but can meet the required traffic capacity. 
Determining the location of base stations planning includes two aspects, namely in terms of coverage and in terms of traffic.Planning involves the handling of traffic load prediction of the number of subscribers in each cell, where the consideration of traffic load required by the customer and the traffic load that can be handled in a cell, can be obtained the number of cells needed to overcome the traffic load required by the customer.
Network design in such region, means how many cell be planned, amount of TRX should be installed in each BTS, and microwave unit as well should be provided for covering region, more depend on traffic which be assumed will progress in the region. The traffic mentioned will be based on data of customers serviced in the region.

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