Monday, June 20, 2011

-Short story from Soroako-

assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu..

Do not feel that i've 3 months left traces here, at the corner of South Sulawesi province, 

beautiful small town with a IDE beach (although it’s just a LAKE), the KUCING island, Mata Buntu, Buto Hill or POCI and much more, obey the rules and also no TRAFFIC! 

well, this month is supposed to be my last month in this small town, even I should have already arrived in Makassar:)
but alas, me and some friends then extended our contract for the new assignment for OneVale PTI project until the end of August. 
and I will enjoy moments of fasting of Ramadhan here, away from my family in Makassar : (

sad too, but over all I am very happy, because in addition I can get a job as well as new experiences, this is my first time will enjoy the RAMADHAN here. 

I will be a little flashback how about my life for 3 months here, such as what my duties and my work in a VALE big project. 

so, The first time I came into this place, I already knew a little illustration of the my work.

Well, me and six others placed in TESTING tm together with KENNY FUNG as Our supervisors. (I mentioned this a few months ago) 

for testing, we were divided become some parts of testing such us FI, PP, TD, EHS, and MM, and myself at first to work on the FI testing with my colleagues "a.triska muliana "with mentor Mr Krishna Kanth aka KK from India, helped some users like mbak Sri, kak Parlin, Ricardo from Brazil, Liu et al. basically we work just as well, namely how to test the SAP with HP's QC program, make all steps to be "passed" if that is executed already in accordance with all the step of SAP then uploaded and updated at HP QC, making defect if there is incompatibility, closed the defect if the defect has been overcome and also perform validation with a user key validation. :) 

we could say that all we’ve done is not too difficult, just takes vigilance, accuracy and extra caution. 

I remember when one of my friends do something wrong, then Dag called me come to his desk and provided little enlightenment to avoid the wrong path as he, and everything must be reported in advance.

Hence well, maybe his inbox already full with emails from my report. 555++

nah, not long in the FI (Finance), then, I moved by Kenny to EHS. and until now, I’m currently work at EHS. (Environmental Healthy and Safety) with Mr. Ranjtih Kannoth as consultant for Waste Management and Hygiene, Mbak Nuria Lili Lubis as User WM and EC, Mr. Hari Ananto as user Hygiene, Mr. Putu Adi from IT, chi-young as team leads, Vineet Handa as a consultant for the EC, and Ms. Bane and Ms. Luci as our contractor. Well we all gathered in the room with each background culture, origin, countries, and different religions. There are Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, some of  India, Indonesia and China, some from Java, Sulawesi, Bali and Makassar ... well true Unity in Diversity! 555++ .. 

Friends, probably you have imagined about what I do the testing here :) 

Well .. all about EHS, waste management, hygiene and also all about safety. 

there are some additional tasks that I get from here. in addition to struggling with QC.

(At least slightly increasing, 555++), well I also trusted to pay attention every detail at the time of testing proccess and edit each step is wrong. even several times I have to make a complete test script in excel, (although already provide the  examples, but still somewhat complicated and waste many time to do that). 

there were the task of testing tm, other than as a tester, you could say some of our particular testing tm, a sambilan job, aka the additional work outside testing. for example make a flowchart, and assist roller mapping for SAP ID, well, if I personally had once helped Lee and Steffen to roll mapping SAP ID, that time I, anjun and  paink first felt the overtime work until 11 o'clock at night on the GUNUNG BATU. well, anyway ... good fun. because we work with so many “expart”. in case, LEE from KOREA who’s work in Accenture singapore, and the average of them are more open and respect our work as Coops:)

other than that there again, still on the management of SAP ID, but using the IAM approval task. so, it's our job, working as an approver in this case as  PROJECT MANAGER and Data owner

like Mr. Bayu Aji, Mr. Tito and Mr. Asril, dan Mr.Purbayu (unfortunately wrote, our salary is not same with us.hahah 555+), sufficient easy, just approve the request id is coming  like a tsunami haunts in our outlook. Yah, something like that. 

and there is one more, I also never could trust to create the master data into SAP (Production), that time I almost did not because the consultant was afraid something goes wrong (well everywhere man's mistakes at times), well fortunately There Mbak lilies and Luci are willing to give a brief training and persuade Ranjith to allow me access to SAP with his ID (although he does not want to give me.555++)

Well that's a brief overview of my work here..

for the curious, please join, (if you all get the chance) :)

overall I'm happy to work on this project, because in addition to jobs which, although more or less makes us pushed, but thank God everything has been paid with happiness. get an incredible home facilities, lunch and dinner borne by the project (so no need to pay to eat if working days), another free, friendliness everyone in gunug stone, can learn english free every day (learning by doing). share the experience with strangers whether it be their culture, and about their daily lives, and them if there is a project event, bleak roads to the Kuching island, Mata buntu, swim across Matano lake to the Nuha Village, revel in the rhythm of the nite, Karaoke with project managers and their family (where there is a project manager and staff make in happiness and karaoke along with the Coops? that only students?) very EXTRAORDINARY,anyway:)

the happiness are also worth it for me to grateful is my new family member, Coops XVI oneVale Project cha, Dila, susan, god, Jenni, kak Veli, kaktati, milli kak, kak anjun, realyn, paink, mas nice, Madi and kak kak dika. who faithfully accompanied, three roof in the old camp 3.4 and 6 and one roof in Sumba 4 Pontada, giving happiness and new nuances in my life for 3 months, eat together, sleep together,problem solving together, make noise together, praying together, many more happiness, many disputes also and love story..555+++

Incredible Incredible Incredible ! and do not forget say thanks to all coops regular XVI, operational. kak ari, fikar kak, kak Kardi, kak aswar, kak Lutfi, kak Grinus, kak Erland, Kak Angga, kak Try,  kak kiki and kak fifit crowd that add nuance and my happiness during here, and the unforgetable :my beloved MR J

We Are look like big family, big brother, and big sister :D 
Sakinah Mawaddah and Warahmah. 

thanks for everything, i love you all: *
*sorry for all the mistakes in writing name and position. J


  1. ada terjemahan bahasa indonesa nya ga bacaan ini...???? :D

  2. eh lupa...
    kutipan terakhir

    -created in EHS, room, arounded INDIAN and many duties-


  3. Oh God.... kenapa bahasa inggris???? :p

  4. @iqbalx3e, makasiih :)

    @riska89, hhee. mo versi indonesia nya yah? ada kok, nanti ta' bikinkan di catatan...

  5. great post, ukht. Your struggle will be paid Robb. :)

    CMIIW (contact me if it work) ;)

    best regard,


  6. mbak @first gamut : hhe...:) selamat menerjemahkan mbak :) mudah2an google translatenya gak asal...hhe. *maklum bhs inggrisku juga pas2an*

    mbak @fitri : thanks you mbak :D amn y Rabb :) okay, i'll contact you,
    warm regards,


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