Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good bye my best supervisor, Kenny Fung (T.T)

I do not know what to say for starting....

first pass the test Coops interviews and see in the list the names of candidates from Coops UNHAS complete with the name of our supervisor, KENNY FUNG
that is in my head, my supervisor was an old gentlemen with oriental faces, not too fluent in English and a little grumpy!

Well that is what is in my mind until the times bring me and my other coops friends with you, Kenny…
spontaneous, I was surprised extraordinary....

Kenny in Action
oriental? YAH of course, but just a little bit..

old? not at all (in terms of age maybe YES , but from the face, well .. not too)

are not fluent in English? oh NO! not at all. even the first meeting in the Gunung Batu, cause my surprising of you, it's made me get the trouble translating what you mean kenny.

and a bit grumpy?  also not at all ...
if anyone tell kenny funny, well 100 ABANG!
You’re so  funny, noisy, playful, happy to play anything at work, known and know everyone in gunung batu and unusually friendly,  have any great ideas, smart, good father and husband for the little daughter Alexis and his beloved wife Kelly,

now I do not know what else to say about you, Kenny..
you are the best supervisor in the world...

which has invite us karaoke, lunch, invited us to swim through the village of Nuha, giving his guitar, giving  10 as our value and signed a letter of our practice work and many more that I couldn’t said again in a words... 

Kenny and her little daughter Alexis, *PAPA yang BAIK.....
TESTING tm in Grand Mulia Hotel
Mining tour with Testing and CM tm

and today, your last day in this office, I am very sad, do not know what to say, perhaps only my tears that wanted fell on my cheek could express everything.

Kenny .. you’re successfully make us this time to be sad, sad .... amazing !!

when else we could meet with supervisors like you?

please, if you go to Indonesia, especially to Makassar, give us the information. I’m ready to host the best service  for you.

hopefully one or two years or even ten years from now you will not forget us, Coops UNHAS who had worked with you as a tester on the onevale PTI project.

pray for us too,  hopefully we can all succeed like you.
Who knows we could meet in Canada or in other parts of the world? 

good bye Kenny, wish you arrived safely in Canada.

warm regards to Alexis and Kelly :)

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