Saturday, July 2, 2011

New month, new task and new...*

assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhuu, 

*Give your best for your success, learn, work, and pray and you could make your dream become true in the future. #nay*
welcome new month JULY, welcome the best things  and welcome the miracle...\(^___^)/

*today is 3 days before go live SAP implementation OneVale PTI Project, it is an critical backlog time for us. why? because due the date, me and some of coops will become do the new task. incredible and amazing task..we could say. :)

after, do some testing process, OneVale PTI project assign me to be one of the task force, who will help the user using the SAP for some transaction and in this case, me, Anjun and kak Veli who will be help them in "Service entry",

some of us, like Cha become task force for user access, and Iqra , Raelyn become task force for invoicing, do not forget, mas Bagus as labor costing task force.

and this is the best reason that we have to say for you all, why we have to be extended as COOPS here until end of august, eventhough the task supposed to be until end of september.. :)
Pavan as a project manager wants me and other to extend the contract because of this, so, maybe, they don't need again to teach more for a new learner or reqruit some task force from the outside to do the task.

*we are here ! and we can do that ! we will be learn, and learn, attend the training, know how to use the SAP, how to create and approval the service entry,  MASTERING it, then, 3 days later until end of august. we do our job ! SEMANGKA !

ok, let me share describe my job as task force for SE,

first, i told to you that our job as a helper for user using the SAP. because
we know that, something like a PANIC or NERVEOUS situation and action from user on go-LIVE,  for the first time using SAP except when training time probably happen at the time...

so, we have to work to solve their problem, to help them when they are forget any step that they must to do in SAP . 

so, what is SERVICE ENTRY???
service entry is the document that must be made by the user with purpose to  confirm that the work is satisfactory and formally accept the service that was actually performed (work actually done). the simple describe is the document might be made by the user in order that the service that already done by the vendor could be paid by finance tm according to invoice they have,

yup..something like that.*

there were so many things must be do in SAP to create, approve, rejected the service entry, because there are so many case probably happen during the user access to SAP until finished to create the service entry and approval the SE that already done by the manager.
and Mbak Rossy, give us amazing training to provide all of that, the task force action for help the user, starting from when the task force like me got an email from L1.5 t in Jakarta, make a new ticket for the user's problem on sharepoint, call the user, and begin to help them..oohh..and beside she gives us the training all about the SE, she also gives us the training how to face the people who has the the different character, starting from the usual user until manager, the good one, until the bad one user, she told us as well.
and i think it's funny...
we do the simulation, with mbak Teta, Anjun, kak Veli and also mbak Rossy as a trainer for us. and you know? during the simulation happen, we found so many new case again which maybe could be happen in SAP when the user create the SE.

*we are solid team. of course. 555++*

although we felt very tired, work over time almost everyday in this week. but all of them are paid by the best and axpensive experience that i got here and also paid by the goodness people here, :)
(which always reply to our hard work with extraordinary things with them, such as referring us to eat in restaurants, karaoke, vacations and so on)
how can we got the best things like that in the other place?

and now, i can imagine how the real world as well. sure !
and i proud could become one of project support. yeaaahhhh...
*and you know, actually and never imagine that, ALLAH hear my pray AGAIN !. because one day i've been thought how come i could work as a trainer who could help the user using SAP, and face a lot of people, do the interaction with them and also recognize them :), just a wish,because i just want to know how about the work situation in PTI, besides in GUNUNG BATU, due someday i could called by one of them to work here again :). hohohoh....and not in a long time later, i'll do that as a task force ! thanks y Rabb :)

so, finally, let's start the month with saying basmalah, and prepare the first week for a new task, without leave EHS and manager/data owner approval....bravo, TASK FORCE !!!! 



  1. Wihh... congratulation for your new task.. hehe.
    What an amazing world.

  2. yap. please pray for me could do it well :)
    thank you mas :)


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