Monday, May 30, 2011


Monday, approximately at 01.00 am and so on ..

That night seemed very long. even though I had just fallen asleep about 5 minutes, after that the long dream come to me... in that dream, there are tremendous happiness that is difficult to be described by this post, an incredible life like in heaven, playing with a some of small maidens, looking for fireflies together, running and kept running up to meet with someone who loved and lived with him in great happiness, and I really enjoyed the happiness and do not want anyone to remove it from this grip and did not want anyone come to scatter all my dreams. then, this beautiful dreams continues until less sleep over just 3 hours is not enough to solve everything.

and today I just wanted to share this happiness, I hope someday we can be met with a figure that really we love and of course they love us too with all everything we have...:)


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