Wednesday, May 11, 2011

farewell and thanks to "KK"

hii, welcome back to my new post..
this time i want to talk about Krisnha Kant a.k.a KK

who is kk?
and why we talk about him?
actually, the answer is very simple...
we're talking about kk now, because he  had leaved we all in gunung batu..and back to India to met his family, wife and his little handsome son...oo :')

i can't believe that until now...
but, its reality, he have to leave a billion memories in sorowako with us and the other people who ever recognized him...

KK is one of the indian citizens in gunung batu.
first i meet him, i think he is a serious man, hard worker, and so many more...

and i interested to work with him after kenny ask me about where i want to join in testing module?
and i answered, in finance with KK,
altaough actually, i don't really know what kk said to us if he's speake in english but, i think it's my chance to learning by doing...:)
practice english...

KK, krisna kant, he is one of the funny person in gunung batu beside kenny, of course with something different, with his style, with indian dialeg. acha acha... 

u know so many people in this project bcause u are very friendly..u are kindly and so funny...
sometimes, u always made the joke and made us all laughing...
and ur laughh...oooh.... i can't imagine that..! u can make my friend ilfeel to see u..heheheh...but it can always made us so missing u...

I And all coops unhas in gunung batu were very happy to see u, to recognize u, to be ur friend, and learn so many thing about india by you...
we never regret having known you.

the  Our last meeting at the badminton court, play badminton together (altough u play not too well.heheh), and you come to our house, acquainted with all. and over again to make expense that makes the whole house laughing, so praise our house is clean, very large, and many people live there..

hopefully, it's not the last we meet with u, and one day we would meet again in the other chance, the other place and the other time...
maybe in india :)
and we could cook together, u cook indian food for us (because u are the master cheef, hehehe), and we cook indonesian food for you...
it's our promise before u leave')

and hopefully too, our farewell party with playing badminton together and drink ice tea could make a little impression for you..
at least u could remember us in here...coops unhas-onevale PTI.

thanks for all,
goodbye KK,
safe return to your home..and warm regards for your family there..

we make sure that all the coops love u too... :)


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