Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Nite, In My Mother's Arms ..

one nite, in my mother's arms ..

tonight is my last night in Makassar after enjoying a long vacation here.
it can be said this holiday almost the same  as the usual days  before I became a coops student.
really indiferent! the different is just the SITUATION! long time no see, and within a very short time we gather back in a warm and so close situation.oohh...

for 4 days in Makassar, a routine that I do is just stay at home, cleaning, cooking, watching films, online, sleeping in a long time indeed when i'm in sorowako, to miss off campus with friends, to my cousin's house in telkomas , and tonight just come out at night to buy the needs / requirements for my life in sorowako for 1 months later. (Read: some women's gear, remember! Just a little! Rest snacks! Hahaha ....)

yah .. and if i remember that..
now at 12:52 am, it turns out! today is WEDNESDAY! Wednesday .. yah! WEDNESDAY is the day that listed on a bus ticket that has been booked for my return to sorowako ..
ahh .. really do not feel! time goes so fast ..
tomorrow, I'd have to go back my second home  "sumba 4 street" pontada sorowako. : (
and this evening all was ready to mature! clothes had entered into my backpack, the snacks that already i bought with my brother wrapped up neatly in the box! and all is ready!

well .. although in a matter of hours I was back to sorowako. but there can be no regrets I like this, who only spend a long vacation is more at home with his mother and my brothers :)

all great plans to walk around and shop destroyed fro swallow the time, arrival in Makassar, that is on my mind is how can I make happy my mother and my brothers for about 5 today:)
although perhaps i'm just make them difficult ....
and until this moment I realized again that what I give is nothing and will never be comparable to what the mother gave to me while I was in Makassar ..
such as ...
The first time I arrived, the mother to cook special for me .. "SOKKO + Saute (ikan tumis) + CHICKEN FRIED FISH + chicken HEART + FISH DRY + delicious BURONGKO", not to mention, the next my mother make "selai kaya, chilli and spices PARAPE sauce" 'for food supplies during the sorowako.
and tonight? mother made me SPECIAL DRY FISH, help me to pack my luggage and smoothed it all ...
ooh mother ...
Also what are you doing? I've grown! i can do it all by myself! (I told myself!) But what power, your great love fight all of them ...

and one sentence that mothers are bringing when she was busy for preparing "dry fish" for me and at the same time i was busy washing dishes ...
"My Daughter, better, tonight we sleep together . Because it's night is the last night you are in Makassar before returning to sorowako, i would sleep together with you.."

Oohh mother...
my tears almost fell at the time.

ya ALLAH, really what am I if i couldn't follow a very simple desire of my mother???

tonight will be a very beautiful night, one night in my mother's arms,
even the moon and the stars would be very jealous of our happiness ...

thank you mom, thank you ALLAH, has sent an amazing and greatest angel like my mom :)

special LOVE from your daughter :)

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