Monday, May 16, 2011

great holiday !

assalamu alaikum wr wb...

hii blogger and reader! good nite, have a wonderful holiday, i believe all of you thought that today, the day before and tomorrow is an amazing an great accident holiday. hahaha :D  (I said like that, because it's look like that ! accidently ! suddently ! "cuti" together released by the government..heheh, although not everyone can feel and enjoy it..)

it's not the usual holiday,
'saturday and sunday' for the student in university like me before become a COOPS student ! it's a long holiday for me and also all my friend as COOPS :)
and you have to know that, we spent this holiday, come back to makassar together, (read: me, cha, dila, iqra, kakbagus, kakmadi, kakmili :) and we've already planned it far in advance before this holiday's came, of course !
and all of us have so many plan to spent our holiday in makassar each other, *in additon to manage all about our KKN "administration" with pak rusdi*.:)
such as:
cha with her plan : shopping, walking and watching 5 movies, kakmili who wants to meet and greet with her LDR, and dil who wants to having fun with her prince and her friends :) and all the boys with his great plans each other....

and ME?
i don't know, what is my plan???
i think and i always remember that i have so many plans before i go to makassar :)
but until i arrived here, like an amnesia girl, who forgot all my plan suddently...
ting tong !
i'm not in my joke !
i'm really forget it, (it's because i forget to write all my plans in a piece of paper, i dunno why? *but all my shoping list i never forget to listed it. of course !*)
back to my story, 
if i try to remember all my plan, i always remember that  i was not able to be a traveller like JEANNE, who always seek to use her time for travelling (ala-ala backpacker) , shoping holic like CHA who spent her money for shooping,:)
because until now, i'm just and (it's better for me) to spent my holiday stay in my home sweet home, and goes to campus meet and greet with all my friend :) gather with my mother, my brother, my cousin, enjoy delicious DUREN together, cooking together with my beloved mother, thanks BUNDA!! you already cook and prepare some supplies for me before returning to sorowako, give my secondhand jacket to my aunt,meet and greet with my friends in campus, join in MUKTAMAR XII MADZ JE FT-UH (menyempatkan!) bring some cake for them,  stopping briefly and just say helloo!!! i'm coming!!! (with a fresh mimic and expression) and show me and all of them so happy to see me in a long time "Hi Awaaa !!!!!, apa kabar???!! an bla bla bla..." then they said "you LOOK little black and fat/CHUBBY, awa!"  OH NO! while, i close my face and look like shame girl, even i really really shame with ur opinion! ooh...although you said just a "LITTLE" (i think is same) :( ..
whatever ! u have to know that, one important thing from me that i'm still a sweet and beautiful girl like before and also after being coops student ! ngiik..o.Ov hehehe :)

i never forget to share and tell my story in sorowako too, tell that i work with the people from another culture and country in the world, and also tell to them the story about "songkolo", "cikali'" and "karoppo" and my experience live in one big house like a BIG BROTHER or PENGHUNI TERAKHIR on tv ! our food there, how to be a "efficient human" with a capital 50thousand rupiah per mounth and be an enterpreunership by selling "PULSA" there ! hahaha :D and the story when the first time i go to the BAR and try to play billiyard there with my cute one (Dag.Roger)..:)'s so "melancolis" story...

and you know that, i'm already 3 days in here, MAKASSAR !  and the day after tomorrow being my last day/my last holiday in makassar before return to sorowako and make a friend with hpQC and SAP again..., and u know !!! until this time i never go to famous place just walk or just having lunch in MALL PANAKKUKANG, MARI or TRANS STUDIO maybe..or watching movies maybe..anything ! (ooh..i remember ! *all my plans*) :(

it's look like my "daily activities" before being coops student. there are no different guys.. ! (read:stay@home, watching "farah quinn", goes to campus, back again..and bla bla bla...). maybe, you and another person thought that it's very bored activities...but you know, i'm very enjoy it !

and today, i spent all the time today in campus  until 6 pm o'clock, after muktamar closed. and one things that very surprising is i get the HARDLY "HAPPY CALL" from some of my BOY FRIENDS !!! (NO, BOYFRIEND!!!) "Awa..awa..." (but i can't hear what they said clearly) cute..and unforgetable :) thanks boy !
and then, i closed my day with having dinner and take a picture with all my beloved beautiful ukhti-ukhti :) (read: ainun,mimin,mardo,kak ela,acum,rahma) romantic...and happy everafter...:)

enjoy our delicious dinner in mietiti perintis with additional SPECIAL GUEST : kak KADRI ! :) (she stood beside ainun, using brown viel)
here we are !!!! come on CAMERA !!! ciiisssss !!!!!
take a pict before we go back to the recidence each other ! :)
and we are really SAKINAH, MAWADDAH and WARAHMAH family :)

before i close this post, i just want to say thank you very much for all of you who makes me happy today ! complete my holiday in makassar :)
i love you all :)

and happy getting older, ied milad, and happy birthday for all people who's become older tomorrow, *May,17th-historic date for me" Barakallahu fii umurik :)*

and for my closing statements, don't forget to say and singing Maher Zain's song :
Allah I wanna thank you, for bringing me home...



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  1. tambah gendut betulanka !! itu pipi da kayak bakpaoo !


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