Sunday, April 24, 2011

The different side of him :)

assalamu alaikum wr wb.

'Setiap tempat adalah sekolah dan setiap orang adalah guru', yapp.that's right..
yesterday we learned math, now, we are learning about life and tomorrow we still learn about anything.

I found and met too many people here with different character, and they all are my teacher..
one of them, my supervisor :)
the unique one person here...

I'm very respect to him..
he always make a different something that unique, wonderful, amazing, witty, funny, sometimes little crazy and bla..bla..bla..
and u know what?
behind of his different self, i found something that also can made me little thrilled..
what is that?

let me check it out his email to us "TESTING team"

Hi All,

It seems like just yesterday that some of you arrived in Jakarta for the first time to start on the Great One Vale Nickel Adventure.  Some of you never had the delicious Gado Gado or fine dined at Komala’s or experienced the genuine gratitude of the project team in person, however, you are always included  in our thanks.  The team has seen it’s growth throughout the project with the start of the due diligence team, addition of the legacy and BI teams and most recently, of our treasured coops.
It’s been a journey of persistence, determination, patience and perseverance.  We’re nearing the beginning of system readiness and we’re getting there because of your hard work, sacrifices and personal contributions.  The key message is this, you are all important aspect of making this project succeed.  The success of the business is our common goal.

In the final week of Cycle 3, let’s continue to push and drive towards helping the team to complete testing.  Leave no business question unanswered, no test case unexecuted, no defect untested, no validation outstanding, no updates undone; remove all obstacles.  Pick-up the phone, send the email, walk to a desk, give out free snacks, let’s finish strong.  Rajni Kant can’t do it, but we can do it.  ?

Warm regards,

I don't know what happened after I read the email. there is another side that was so great from KENNY FUNG :)
which offers many lessons for me and has become a good teacher for all of us ..

Thank you very much ...

and another ...
He also is a good father to his daughter:)

I proud of you, Kenny...

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  1. ku suka fotonya kenny sama alexis.. :) so sweeettttt...


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