Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life is a little bit UNIQUE :)

This is my third post in Soroako after inspiring story about the father, above.
I probably will not share your inspirational story but would like to share a little experience.

after about 4 weeks I am here, of course there are  a lot of knowledge I gained..

after a few times in moving place to work here and there ...
FI (Finance) and then now in EHS (Environment Helathy and Safety)
I became more familiar with a lot more people here who would come from various countries.

yah ..
I think i've already described it in my first posting..
One important lesson I learned from here is ..

'LIFE is a little bit UNIQUE..'

sometimes we have to adapt in new environments are somewhat different and even contrary to our own environment.
in the world of work,especially like my experience in here..
increasingly diverse people who work in it, it's also will be more and more  the thoughts, insights and new ideas are
and we can not to unify it easyly..

'Don't let us that adapts to them', said a one of ladies 'mbak' from his own country..

Well, it's true that way. they are different, and they are in our territory.
in my opinion..
they are not forever should adjust to us. we also must be smart to communicate with them, so that by themselves they
would be comfortable with us and will be familiar with our lives and finally, they will dissolve in our environment, right?

I am also learner..
Here I am, trying to learn to build good communication with them, with a little bit English language skills.
this paper, I deliberately share it to u all my friends via my blog, as a material consideration and preparation will go to the real world.

when we are able to adapt and adjust to the good. we will not be trapped into the abyss,
this is where we are required to smart in filtering any information and anything that looked and sounded clearly in front of us.
be yourself without changing the nature we will not be a problem when we have achieved this. SO, true or false?
but remember, as a good citizens of Indonesia, we must also remain critical in processing everything that we receive.
do not want to be governed without knowing all the things before.

'KRITIS' or to be critical person, here we also must know the rules ..
do not let anyone feel uncomfortable with the gap. Okeh ...

maybe that's it ..
hopefully useful ...:)
c u in my next posting ^_^

@EHS room.jobless.hehehe...

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