Sunday, April 17, 2011

They are our HERO !!!! \(^_^)/

assalamu alaikum wr wb :)
Hi, all...
welcome back in my new posting..

this times, my post inspirated by one of male as a coffe maker in gunung batu, the place where i'm COOPS now..

again and again we talk about the life..
yup, even one second in our life is something was very important and meaningful..
there are so many lesson which could we take from every step, every sight, every hearing and anything around us..

today, i meet so many people with different age, status and also different background..
today, i meet with a new life..
life which is be my dream since a long time..

and believe it or not, and i'm doing now..

it's an amazing lucky according to some people who ever felt like that..

i and all my friend here,indeed al little bit differet and special..

everything could we get easily..

live with all great friends..
where do you want to go, u just call the driver..
u want to wash, there are a laundry server..
u can eat delicious food on time and drink aQUA whenever u want..
and u will never "kekurangan" anything u want..
live in simple house with complete and luxury facilities..
in every weekend we could go to everywhere we want..
work in good office..
meet with all some people from so many different country..
learning english by doing..
and bla bla bla..

that's all describe of my life now.

life which is very happily..

however, actually behind all of this..

there are 'them' who's not as lucky as me and my friends here..

they are people who's 'not seen'  like the supervisors, manager, consultant and COOPS like us.
maybe,'THEY'are the people who always we trifling and forgotting.

whereas without them, we can not do anything here...


and there they are :

1. Driver : i couldn't imagine that how about if they are not working here..? or they only just enjoying in their house each other? GUNUNG BATU cannot be as busy as now. from driver of BUS and office car, all of them working sincere even they never complain if we as just COOPS want him to pick up us wherever we go..

2. Cleaning Service : This one the important job here. if there is no cleaning service, our office will be uncomfoirtable to work..especially the toilet problem, OMG.. U Really really our super HERO, i think..

3. Security : although ur job is dullish, but two thumbs up for u all who wrestle this job. there is no DEAD !!!. :) especially the security who's everyday have to  check every car that comes out into gunung batu..Oh..

4. Coffee maker : they are who work to make and provide all of kitchen needs everyday in gunung batu. and not infrequently they were back and forth from one pantry  to the other pantry just want to wash glasses and plates that we already use.

5. Laundry  service : everyday have to come into our home just to take the dirty clothes which we use to goto the office everyday...

6. etc..

they are all that i mention above maybe is not as lucky as us in gunung batu.

they work a little harder, but they are strong,
they work a little more boring, but they enjoy,
they work a little embarrassing, but they never shy,
their work with sincerity, although perhaps a bit invisible of the corner eyes of others people ..

but they all are a handful of our heroes :)

without them, what becomes of the mountain rocks,
without them, where maybe we can all work as comfortable as this ..
without them, where we could finish each day with a stack of good work:)

they have never demanded anything.
they come with hopefully, a bit of a smile, and armed with sincerity in order to provide for their wives in the child's family.

and they are 'heroes', our heroes who may not realize their existence ..

thank you infinite Especially for you all ^ _ ^

* I dedicate this post special for all DRIVERS, SECURITY Gunung Batu, Cleaning Service, Laundry service and Coffee maker, kak nawir, kak allo, pak aidin, pak salle aka PULGOSO, pak ahmad, pak anton, pak syamsuddin and all of u that I can not mention his name one by one ..*

You created everything
We belong to You
Yes Robb We raise our hands
We thank You Forever
Alhamdulillah .. '

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  1. ah, awa' kerennn!!!! nda nyangka sesuatu yg kecil seperti ini bisa luput dari perhatianku. and actually they're priceless.

    dan dengan ini adami inspirasiku bwt nulis tentang mereka d mataku. thanks awa!!


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