Saturday, April 30, 2011

goodbye our teddy BOSS.."Shivaji Zarekar"... :)

today 28 april 2011,
me and ONEVALE-onsite receive emails from kenny,
when I first read the subject:

"Farewell and thanks to Shivaji"

there seems to be something ...
yup. with a very stunned, me and probably a few people who know Shivaji felt surprised to read that email ...

this is the email that a little bit sad at the same time tickle too from kenny,

Hi All,

Wanted to let you all know that Shivaji is leaving the shores of Lake Matano to reacquaint himself with his two kids and wife back in India.  While at One Vale PTI, he has led the onshore test team through the major test cycles.  We are grateful for his help in keeping offshore on track with the execution, his persistent follow-ups and his repetitions of blocked test cases and issues. 

He is most likened to a cuddly teddy bear wielding a mean whip. 

Although we are saddened that he will no longer be onsite, we have not heard the last from him.  He will now be supporting the team from an offshore capacity.  We’ve organized a Tex Mex theme night with beer for his farewell.

Let’s wish him a happy and safe return.


oohhh ...
Well that's ...

Start today Shivaji never again sit right behind of KENNY ..
he's gone too well ...
returned to India without a trace ...

and if we know ...

last night must have been a beautiful night for him. because we must come to his house and do extraordinary commotion and noise over there ...
hahahah: D

oh Shivaji ...
although I and other friends recently Coops know you, but first impression is so evocative ...
you like a father tester ..
kenny, Sunil, pack Satrio, kk, etc. are our children and grandchildren Coops is ...
there are a lot of science we get from you ...
not only testing science but also about HARD WORK  incredible ...
Shivaji was a little SERIOUS people when we first met ...
but actually, you are the BOSS is very unpretentious, very friendly and funny ...
The most we can not forget is an adventure with u on the cat-island yesterday..
and when you, Vineet and Ranjith came to the house to pick us to go into the MATA BUNTU.
when we no preparation at all ...

and..oh..i remembered, ur last email that have u sent to me :
I got it...thanks for the update.

Thanks & Regards,
Shivaji Zarekar
Mobile: +62-82110380664
From: Yusran, Nur A. (Toronto) []
Sent: 26 April 2011 16:06
To: Masarrang, Efraim (Toronto); Shivaji Zarekar; Muliana, Andi T. (Toronto); Amir, Andhika S. (Toronto); Juniawan, Andi (Toronto); Ali, Rusmadi (Toronto)
Subject: RE: is anybody using CE00061 QC account?

Yup. This is my ID, why? Any problem?
But now, I’m using p4000182

Best Regards

.Nur Awaliah Yusran.
TESTER-OneVale PTI Project

From: Masarrang, Efraim (Toronto)
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 3:00 PM
To: Shivaji Zarekar; Muliana, Andi T. (Toronto); Amir, Andhika S. (Toronto); Juniawan, Andi (Toronto); Yusran, Nur A. (Toronto); Ali, Rusmadi (Toronto)
Subject: RE: is anybody using CE00061 QC account?

Pak Shivaji,

I guess it`s using by Nur awaliah,

I`m using CE00063 and P4000181


Testing Co-ops OneVale XVI

From: Shivaji Zarekar []
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 2:54 PM
To: Muliana, Andi T. (Toronto); Amir, Andhika S. (Toronto); Juniawan, Andi (Toronto); Yusran, Nur A. (Toronto); Ali, Rusmadi (Toronto); Masarrang, Efraim (Toronto)
Subject: is anybody using CE00061 QC account?


u're welcome shivaji...

but what "power".
you may be more loved ur children and your wife in there ... INDIA

without a farewell party by drinking beer we had no problems, the most important is you safely arrive at the destination and return to meet with your childreen and your wife at home ...

I hope you still keep our photo files together when on the cat-island, so u can continue to remember us "Coops UNHAS" if at any time you miss us ..

Shivaji good bye ..
We can hopefully meet in the other place and the other time later ... (maybe in india.amin)
have a long nice journey ...:)

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